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Fresh Fish&Meat Delivery

1. Buffalo Cuts                     -£9.50/kg(3/5kg Pack)
2.Wild Boar                         -£10.00/kg(2kg Pack)
3.Deer Meat                        -£12.00/kg(2kg Pack)
4.Beef                                -£8.50/kg (5kg Pack)
5.Beef Brisket(bone)            -£7.00/kg(5kg Pack)
6.Rabbit                             -£11.50/kg(1-1.6kg pack)
7.Kada Meat                       -£10.00/Pack(4 kada/pack)
8.Duck eggs tray(20 eggs)    -£10.00 (20 Egg Tray)
9.Quail Egg Tray(12 eggs)     -£3.00 (12 Egg Tray)

Fresh Fish
1. Sardins 3kg box                            -£15.00
2.Sea Bream Cleaned 5kg box           -£44.00*
3.Sea Bass Cleaned 5kg box              -£48.00*

4.Sea Bream 6kg box                        -£40.00
5.Sea Bass 6kg box                           -£44.00

6.Whole Salmon                       -£11.50/kg(4-5kg size)
7.Prawns (king)                        -£10.00/kg(1-2kg Pack)

8.Prawns Cleaned 1kg pack(Frozen)-£12/pack(net wt.700gm) OFFER 3 for £33.00
9.King Fish Whole                     -£16.00/kg(3-6kg size)
10.Vatta Whole                           -£14.00/kg(1.5-2.8kg)
11.Kilimeen                              -£13.50/kg(1-2 kg Pack)
12.Indian Mackerel                    -£13.00/kg
(1-2kg Pack)
13.Kakka(Clam) Meat                  -£9.00/kg (1kg Pack)**
14.Anchovy Cleaned
(Natholi/kozhuva)-£13.50/kg(1-2kg Pack)
                             -£15.00/kg(1-2kg Pack)
16.Golden Pomfret                     -£12.50/kg(1-2kg Pack) 
17.Kalanchi                               -£14.00/kg(1.5-2kg pack)
18.Ola Kodi
(Sail Fish Steaks-Cleaned)  -£15.00/kg(1.5-2kg Pack)

NB:Due to Current Global Market situation all Fish and Meat items are subject to availability and some prices may vary at the time of Delivery

*Below £40Order £3.00 Delivery Charges applicable *

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